ICG operates as a strategic academic consulting firm with the mission to combine the expertise of faculty members from distinguished academic institutions with the project management skills of consultants trained by leading strategy consulting firms and the operational experience of higher education administrators. 


This combination enables us to comprehend academic development issues from an internal, expert perspective while engaging with our clients in a strategic, results-oriented approach.


We aim to be the advisory firm of choice to the world's leading universities, innovative public agencies and ministries, and select commercial companies engaged in areas covered by ICG's Practice Area portfolio.



History & Organization


ICG was founded in 2002 in California by Dr. Daniel J. Guhr, who is serving as ICG's Managing Director.  ICG is organized as an international expert network of academics, administrators, consultants, and entrepreneurs.  Since our inception, we have grown to comprise more than 50 members in eleven countries.



Practice Areas


Our advisory service is based on eight Practice Areas.  These Practice Areas develop and codify our consulting knowledge, and drive client engagements.  They are fundamentally embedded in academic research, administrative practice, and client service.  Each Practice Area is led by a dedicated Practice Area Leader.





ICG's members are firmly embedded in academia: More than one third of our members are connected to eight of the world's Top 10 universities.  19 members hold a doctoral degree, and 14 members have or continue to serve as faculty members.  16 members have academic administration experience, ranging from deanships to international offices leadership.


Half dozen ICG members have been trained in leading strategy consulting firms such as the Boston Consulting Group and PwC.  Most ICG members had lived and worked in two or more countries and our members are fluent in more than ten languages.  In total, our members have published more than 100 books and 1,100 journal articles.



Client Service


We are dedicated to deliver well researched, comprehensively reasoned, and honest advice to our clients.   Earning our clients trust and forming long-term relationships to us means to never compromise on these values.



 ICG Overview


A summary overview of ICG can be downloaded here.



 ICG Standard Terms of Business


Our Standard Terms of Business can be downloaded here.