Strategy Engagements


At the core of ICG's client services are strategy projects which center on assisting our clients with addressing institutional performance issues, benchmarking and improving their relative competitiveness, or re-positioning themselves in changing environments.


For more information on our clients and the kind of projects we have been involved in please see the clients and Practice Area sections.



Research Reports


ICG has authored in-depth research reports for agencies and ministries worldwide on topics ranging from Web 2.0 tools to international development to regional opportunity assessments.  For more information on our reports please see here.



Seminars and Workshops


ICG offers two kinds of seminars and workshops:

  • Customized international and institutional strategy seminars which draw on more than a dozen anchor topics.  Seminars range from two hours to full days and address either the leadership of an institution or line management.
  • Third-party seminars and workshops run on behalf of institutions such as the Council for Advancement of Education (CASE), the New Zealand Ministry of Education, or the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Since 2005, ICG has run more than 25 seminars and workshops worldwide.





We conduct invitation-only Roundtables at select annual conferences.   These Roundtables bring together senior international educators as well as advancement administrators, respectively, in an expert-driven format.  Roundtables offers the opportunity to discuss salient issues in a deep, collaborative, and trusted mode.  ICG conducts not more than eight Roundtables annually to maintain their unique character.


More information about Roundtables can be found here.