Engagement Focus


Our engagements with clients focus on strategic opportunity creation and the enhancement of our clients' competitiveness. 


We do not enage in cost or staff reduction projects, nor do we accept projects which serve internal political purposes only.



Client Engagement Model


We engage with our clients in structured projects characterized by a mutually agreed-on process, information, and documentation streams.  The majority of our projects run between two to six months, though some may last twelve or more months.



ICG Team Model


Each client enaggement is being staffed individually according to client requirements.  Engagements draw on at least one consultants and specific Advisory Board members and can include as much as a dozen ICG members in total.



Select Client Strategy Projects


  • Bonn University, Germany.  A benchmarking of Germany's leading alumni relations programs and development pathways for Bonn.
  • Conenza, Inc., USA.  A structural survey and in-depth benchmarking of the online alumni community landscape.
  • Free University Berlin, Germany.  A competitive analysis of a new flagship M.A. degree, including curriculum, communication, fee struture, as well as communication and recruiting models.
  • Griffith University, Australia. A business analysis and risk management assessment regarding a branch campus in the Middle East.
  • Imperial College London, UK.  An assessments of current policy and funding trends in the Middle East, Europe, and North America.
  • King's College London, UK.  A comprehensive benchmarking of recruiting and positioning practives of leading law faculties with a focus on raising recruiting and procedural competitiveness.
  • Monash University, Australia.  An in-depth assessment of the alumni relations area leading to a long-term development roadmap; and a multi-institutional alumni and donor database as well as online community solution RFP.
  • University of Arizona, USA. An analysis of international student enrollment figures coupled with general market dynamcis and specific institutional positioning considerations.
  • University of California at Santa Cruz, USA.  An option portfolio analysis for the ten UC Santa Cruz Colleges.
  • University of Melbourne, Australia.  A behavioral and preference survey of international alumni.
  • University of Oxford, UK.  An assessment of the status and performance of North American alumni branches, as well as a communication and service strategy.
  • University of Queensland, Australia.  An analysis of potential European institutional partners based on science and research profiles.
  • University of Tasmania, Australia.  An analysis of the organizational design of the alumni relations and donor organizations; a faculty-based talent acquisition strategy for Europe and North America.