How do Roundtables Work?


Roundtables take place in connection with international conferences.  They last between three to four hours, and are capped at at most eight participants.  Participants receive briefing materials ahead of time and are expected to prepare a statement.


What Topics are Covered by Roundtables?


Roundtables discuss salient strategy questions in international education and institutional advancement.  A list of Roundtable topics can be found in the Institutional Development Roundtable Guide and the International Education Roundtable Guide.



What Makes Roundtables Unique?


Roundtable participation is by invitation-only.  Roundtables offer small groups of international educators as well as advancement professionals, respectively, an intellectually challenging experience underpinned by a collaborative atmosphere.   ICG selectively invites participants to ensure a shared level of expertise.


Three Roundtable Versions


  • Executive Roundtables are open to experienced institutional leaders and focus on high level, guided strategy discussion.
  • Director-level Roundtables are open to experienced line management and focus on pragmatic problem-solving experiences, often aided by in-depth case studies.
  • Informal Roundtables are aimed at providing a discussion platform for acknowledged thought leaders to discuss salient strategy issues in a less structured format.


How Do Roundtables Relate to ICG Conference Sessions?


ICG shares its insights well in excess of a dozen conference sessions and workshops at major conferences each year.  Roundtables are a different, more focused, and more specialized venue for ICG to share its knowledge.  Roundtables thus are an addition to sessions and workshops.



How to Sign-Up


Roundtables are by invitation only.



Is There More Information on Roundtables?


No.  Due to the confidential nature of Roundtables, ICG does not publish its schedule of Roundtables.