ICG's academic heritage is evident in our extensive sharing of our research, analysis, and insights.   We utilize a varitey of formats to do so.





ICG places a strong emphasis on sharing its insights at conferences.  In 2007-2008, ICG will have contributed more than 30 sessions and workshops to conferences such as APAIE, CASE, EAIE, and CBIE.  An overview of ICG conference contributions can be found here.



Report Publications


ICG has authored more than half a dozen research reports on behalf of clients rnaging from the German Academic Exchange Service to Education New Zealand.  Some reports are freely available, others can be commercially obtained from the respective client.



Academic Research


Our Advisory Boards are home to more than a dozen scholars in the fields of economics, education, history, political science and sociology.  Board Members have contributed substantially to the understanding of issues ranging from the history of higher education to tuition fee models to comparative higher education systems analysis.  In total, ICG members have authored more than 80 monographs and 900 articles.



Thought Leader Sessions


At NAFSA Annual Conferences, ICG hosts the invitation-only Thought Leader Session for international education leaders.  


The 2008 Thought Leadership Session focused on three international university alliances - IARU, the IDEA League, and Universitas21.  Presenters from these alliances commented on the genesis, development, and future of these alliances. 


In 2007, nine institutions from six countries - ranging from the University of Arizona to Leiden University to Dubai Knkowledge Village to the Queensland Department of Education - presented best practice international development initiatives.  


Proceedings can be found here.



Strategy Perspectives


ICG occasionally publishes Strategy Perspectives on issues such as strategic talent acquisition, online communities, alumni engagement, and policy initiatives.  Our Stratgey Perspectives are published here.



Research Newsletter


Quarterly Research Newsletters are available on a subscription basis.  Newsletters contain commentary on current trends, policy analysis, and data compilations.  Research Newsletter Subscriptions can be obtained here.



Interviews and Opinion Pieces


ICG members frequently comment on educational issues in the media.  Our website encompasses a selection of members' interviews and opinion pieces.  For details please see here.