Our largest practice area is driven by our member's experiences as alumni of leading universities, volunteer service in alumni networks, and extensive knowledge sharing through publications and conference presentations. 


For example, in 2007 ICG jointly presented with Caltech and MIT at the CASE Leadership Summit and ran the alumni lead presentation at the CASE Europe Annual Conference.  In 2008, ICG contributed to multiple CASE master classes and co-chaired the release of the CASE online community survey at the CASE Leadership Summit.


Client engagements include the analysis of branch activities for the University of Oxford in North America, a benchmarking of German alumni relations offices for Bonn University, and a comprehensive audit and creation of a development roadmap for the alumni relations area at Monash University.


The Alumni Networks Practice Area is headed by Dr. Daniel J. Guhr (biography) (e-mail)


Presentations and publications regarding alumni network issues can be found here.